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We are sustainable methodology, engineering and
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Angela Dedo

Dedo Kofi, is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has created and launched several successful businesses in Ghana. Her entrepreneurial experience spans 16 years+ through which she has gained extensive experience navigating the world of business in Ghana and other countries including South Africa, China, UK, Singapore and the USA.
Dedo started off in the UK as an Independent Sales Executive for Mary Kay Ash and then later launched her first business Adeko in Ghana in 2006. Her businesses are Adeko, which is a marketing and advertising firm. Every Detail is a full-service event planning company and Niche is a mini department store that offers bespoke unique gifts and interior décor solutions.
Dedo also birthed Truelife, a concept to Inspire, Transform and Empower people. Orange hearts is her charity that supports needy pupils' education right up to the tertiary level.
With a client list, that ranges from small to large organizations, Dedo and her team have supported clients through launching, optimizing and growing their businesses via successful marketing campaigns. Dedo exhibits excellence in her work through a 'hands on' approach and attention to every detail. While she has a distinct skill set in supporting large companies, her passion is in helping other entrepreneurs to begin their journey and launch their first business.
Dedo now teaches her signature system, The International Business Launch Framework, (www.dedokofi.com) to other women entrepreneurs seeking to launch their business in Ghana. This system guides entrepreneurs, step by step, through each phase of launching and running your Business.
With her extensive industry experience, knowledge of business and her natural leadership skills, Dedo has proven herself as a remarkably exceptional leader in her industry.

Creativity is our source of inspiration – we dig deep and bring our creative juices to every project ensuring that the most innovative projects are delivered at the most affordable cost to our clients.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. From planning to execution, our number one priority is to deliver projects with zero accidents, ensuring that our employees, clients and the communities in which we work are safe during and post project completion.

We invest in the best technologies and expertise in the field to deliver the utmost quality projects that exceed the expectations of our clients.


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